Goshen Clay Artist Guild’s Artist

Between 25-30 local clay artists are members of the Guild.  Members have a commitment to sharing ideas, studio space and creating an open and warm artistic environment.

Pictured Above:

Back Row: James Hochstetler, Bob Smoker, Fred Driver, Fred Swartzendruber, Dan Cole, Brian Whirledge, John Lantz, Eric Kaufmann and Jerry Lapp.
Front Row: Ashley Martin, Julie Wilcox, Cindy Cooper, Jess Koscher, Patty Burns, Barb Simons, Bruce Bishop and Liz Hess

Not Pictured: Tracie Belcher,  Beth Brown, Janice Ollenberger, Faye Peterson

Guild Artist:

Marvin Bartel

Tracie Belcher

Bruce Bishop

Beth Brown

Patty Burns

Dan Cole

Cindy Cooper

Fred Driver

Ben Groves

Liz Hess

James Hochstetler

Eric Kaufmann

Jess Koscher

Seth Krabill

John Lantz

Jerry Lapp

Janice Ollenburger

Faye Petersen

James Sawyer

Clarice Schmidt

Aaron Shenk

Barb Simons

Bob Smoker

Fred Swartzendruber

Julie Wilcox